Our Favorite Investing Books

Below is the list of our favorite investing books. These books will not only provide you the true meaning of investing but also they will help you be a better investor.

The Intelligent Investor

I have read this book twice and I believe its not enough. This classic book was written by Benjamin Graham, the father of investing. This is all you need to get you started in the right direction of investing.  It is a pearl of timeless wisdom. Buy it on Amazon

Security Analysis

This is another classic book written by Benjamin Graham and David L. Dodd. I believe this is to be read after the Intelligent investor is read. It gives you insights into the science of stock analysis. Buy it on Amazon

Poor Charlie’s Almanack

This is another classic read about life and Investing written by Charles T. Munger. Plenty of Wisdom and some laughs are guaranteed. It has a ton of anecdotes to make us comprehend the meaning of investing. Buy it on Amazon

The Investment Checklist

If you are lazy like me to do research before making an investment, this is the book you need to read. More importantly, follow it to do in-depth research. Using the checklist will help investors avoid errors and this book just stresses that belief. It also has a checklist for you to follow.  Buy it on Amazon

Quality of Earnings

If you are confused how much money does a company make and if you do not know where does its revenue comes from, this is the book to read. This book will make to think twice when you look at the income statement. Buy it on Amazon

The Essays of Warren Buffett

This is an excellent collection of Warren Buffett’s wisdom. He is a sublime teacher. He makes everyone understand the complex investing ideas by converting them into something simple and comprehensible. There is no shortage of books on Buffet, but this book leads the list. Buy it on Amazon

One Up On Wall Street

If you are a retail investor and want to know your advantages over the thousands of professional investors, you need to definitely read this. This book will educate you to leverage your core advantages. Buy it on Amazon

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

Written by one of the influence investors of all time, Philip A. Fisher gives you tips on finding growth companies that lead to massive gain. This book will give you insights on understanding business as part of stock investing.  Buy it on Amazon

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

If you are still not sure of low-cost indexing, which is the new game in town, this book will definitely convince you. It is written by the legendary investor John C. Bogle. He shows you how to make index investing work for you and help you achieve your financial goal.  Buy it on Amazon

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

This book is an excellent introduction into index investing by taking you through the history of stock markets, schools of thought, failed strategies, historical proof of index investing, and applications. Buy it on Amazon

The Millionaire Next Door

This book teaches you to live your life modestly. Also, it focuses on some simple but important ideas like saving more, passive investing and being frugal. If you don’t know – “You are not what you drive”, this book will teach you that and more. Now, I don’t feel bad driving TATA Indica – 2015!  Buy it on Amazon

Business Adventures

If you want to learn about the basic principles for building successful businesses, this is the book to read. There are twelve classic and boring tales of business. This is a difficult read, but insightful. You need to decipher lessons yourself from each story. Buy it on Amazon

Where are the Customer’s Yachts?

“Where are the Customer’s Yachts?” is a hilarious investing book. It teaches you the reality of the stock market. You will also learn some correct mentality on investing and managing your money. No one can forecast the stock market, yet everyone seems to do that in Wall Street. You will learn to distinguish those noise from reality. Buy it on Amazon

Thinking Fast and Slow

Just studying about investing books will not be enough to beat the market. You need to understand the psychology of humans. You need to understand why people do what they do and this book just beautifully explains these. The writer, Daniel Kahneman, is a Nobel Prize winner for his contribution to behavioral finance. It explains how we have two systems inside us. One is slow and rational and another is fast but irrational. Buy it on Amazon


Nobel Prize winner Richard H. Thaler explains how humans are not economists. Humans do not think like economists and therefore, make financial errors while making day to day decisions. If you want to change the way to think, you need to read this. Buy it on Amazon

The Little Book of Behavioral Investing

If you need to learn about Biases and human emotions, you need to read this book. For example, some investors are overconfident and they make costly mistakes. If you want to avoid making mistakes because of our behavior, this is the book to read.  Buy it on Amazon


If you want to increase your chances of improving the decision, you need to read this. This book goes beyond just investing in health and happiness. This will give you insights into how people behave irrationally and how we can nudge them to behave rationally without dictatorial forces. Buy it on Amazon

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