Common Myths About Investing And Wealth

Lately, I was collecting a list of myths about stock Investing and wealth. Some of the findings were mind opening and I would like to share with world. When it comes to stock investing, some obvious things are not quite obvious.

  1.   Anyone can make a killing just by investing in the stock market.
  2. There is no point in investing if you don’t have any money.
  3. Investing is complicated.
  4. Investing in stocks is like gambling.
  5. Rich people and large institutions have an enormous advantage over average investors.
  6. Market timing works. You can determine the top of the market and sell and wait for the bottom and but.
  7. Mutual funds beat the market.
  8. You should check your investments daily.
  9. When stocks decline, they will always go back up.
  10. The stock market is a exclusive club for brokers and the rich to make money.
  11. Any person with a computer can buy stocks.
  12. The market is always efficient.
  13. Stocks are risky.
  14. Buying and holding your investments always works.
  15. Hard work will always turn into greater earnings.
  16. Fortunes are created by those with the most education.
  17. You need to learn and know everything before you can create wealth.
  18. Wealthier people are happier.
  19. You need a lot of money to invest.
  20. New-economy stocks generate better returns than so-called old-economy stocks.

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